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What sort of roof should my shed have?

When choosing a garden shed most of us think about size, colour and material, but probably don't give much thought to the roof configuration. It's definitely worth a moment's consideration though, especially in terms of where you might be putting your shed, and what you're going to use it for. 

There are three common roof types for garden sheds. Skillion, Lean-to and Gable. Here's a quick rundown of each. 


A Skillion roof slopes down from the back of the shed to the front. This makes them ideal for putting up against your house as any rain water won't run down your walls. The added benefit of Duratuf skillion sheds is that the front flashing directs water away from the door area. Non timber framed steel sheds usually just have a steel channel that traps water which then drips on your head whenever you open it!

Duratuf's skillion shed range includes:

Full Timber Frame

TUF Locker 

Semi Timber Frame

2007/PS621510, 2010/PL63, GS62, GS63, GS72, GS73 and PS42 

Cedar and Rustics Shed Range

Cambridge, Hampshire, Woodridge and Idaho

skillion shed lock up storage compact

Our 2007/PS62 garden shed is a handy sized skillion roof shed.


Basically the opposite to a skillion roof, a lean-to roof slopes from front to back. This is great up against a fence in particular, but also works in most situations as it directs water away from the door area completely. Plus a mono-pitch roof looks clean and modern.

Duratuf's lean-to range includes:

Full Timber Frame

TUF50, TUF100, TUF200, TUF400, TUF500, TUF600, TUF800, KL1, KL2, KL3

Semi Timber Frame

1507, 1515/PL44, 2015/PL64, 2515/PL84, 1020/PL36/GL37, 1520/PL46/GL57, 3015, GL65, GL75, GL95 

Cedar and Rustics Shed Range


compact garden shed

The KL1 Lean-to is perfect for a tight spot up against a fence


A gable roof is where the high point or apex is at the centre and it slopes down on both sides. This is the "classic" looking roof which 90% of New Zealand houses have. A gable allows you to have a much bigger shed, and typically have more headroom. Great if you're using your shed as a workshop. Duratuf gable sheds come with a timber ridge beam which adds strength. And our Kiwi Range in particular has clever press-bent roofing sheets. Meaning less joins and less chance of leaking!

Duratuf's gable range includes:

Full Timber Frame

MK1, MK1A, MK2, MK2A, MK3, MK3A, MK3B, MK4, MK4A, MK4B, MK4C

Semi Timber Frame

2020/PG66, 2520/PG86, 3020/PG96, 2525/PG88, 3025/PG98, 3030/PG99, GG77, GG97, GG101

Cedar and Rustics Shed Range

Ferndale, Sherwood, Millbrook, Astor, Logan, Regent, Montrose, Bentley, Urban, Utah, Iowa, Kansas, Dakota, Nebraska

3025 Gable garden shed

The 3025 with classic gable roof configuration is a thing of beauty

Now you probably know more about garden shed roofing than you ever thought you would. Check out our other blogs on choosing and assembling sheds, or check out our 3D shed builder and design your dream shed in 4 simple steps!