Frequently Asked Questions

We are a proud manufacturer and exporter of world-class outdoor products, and sell our product through a wide variety of stockists, including most major DIY stores.

We do not sell direct to the public, but please visit any of our stockists to enquire about their pricing.

Duratuf Kiwi sheds are two-tone colour, with a number of single tones available now as well.  Non-standard colour options might incur a surcharge. 

For all Kiwi sheds, if you are constructing a purpose built raised concrete pad the raised floor modification is highly recommended for extra waterproofing. This must be specified at the time of order. 

For all Fortress sheds, the building process allows you to self-modify if they wish to create the effect of the wall sheets protruding below the base level. No modification needs to be selected. 

A Bolt Down Kit is also recommended to secure the shed to the concrete pad.

A building consent is not required for sheds under 10m2 (For larger shed sizes, engineered drawings are supplied).

The Kiwi range of sheds come with sliding doors and the Fortress sheds come with hinged doors. For both these ranges, the door comes already assembled, making it a breeze for you to attached it to your shed. However, there are many customisable options for your shed door with adding doors / changing door types so check out our SHED BUILDER tool to make this perfect for your needs! 

Garrison, Guardian, Sentry and Smartstore shed all come with an easy-to-assemble hinged door. 


Kiwi and Fortress sheds, which are our part of our Premium range of sheds, have a full timber frame that can be completely accessorised and makes them arguably the strongest sheds on the market. The full timber frame includes top and bottom plates joined by studs and supporting nogs giving the shed a 'timber skeleton'. A semi-timber frame system featured on the Guardian, Garrison, Smartstore and Sentry models is more economical and offers a stronger NZ made option to the cheaper sheds on the market. These have top and bottom plates of timber which give extra strength to the steel and keeps the shed firmly in shape. All of our sheds with a gable roof have a ridge beam as well. 

Sliding doors give better access without the door shutting on you, and if the kids leave the door open it will not blow in the wind. On smaller sections the door won’t obstruct a path or swing open and damage anything. All of our Kiwi sheds come with sliding doors - check it our in our shed builder! 

Yes, we can supply many popular colours that do not feature in the catalogue. There is a small surcharge for this. Just let us know what colour you're after when ordering.

We recommend getting the friendly team at Kitset Assembly Services to help you out. Visit their website to find out more: 

Duratuf sheds all have 2 x 2 framing in them which gives the best balance between strength, weight and being economical. In our larger Kiwi shed models, from the MK4 size and larger, these have 3 x 2 framing in them as they are larger structures.