If you're in need of additional space on your property without the cost and hassle of building an addition to your home, the Duratuf Lifestyle Range Cabin Series with a ranch slider might be just what you need. These sheds are versatile and easy to set up, and they provide an ideal solution for anyone who needs more space for work, relaxation, or recreation. Solid timber framing and hi-tensile cladding providing a durable and attractive finish, making them perfect for any backyard.

The Cabin Series is highly customisable, which means that you can use them for a wide range of purposes. Whether you need a home office, a sleepout, a gym, or an entertainment room, these sheds can be adapted to suit your needs. You can add shelves, workbenches, lighting, and other features to make your shed the perfect space for your needs with a 30-year warranty.

Build your own retreat

Colour Swatches
Corrugate Colour swatch Windsor Grey 568x355
Corrugate Colour swatch New Denim Blue 568x355
Corrugate Zinc
Corrugate Ebony
Corrugate Ironsand v2
Corrugate Lichen
Corrugate Karaka v2
Corrugate Titania
Corrugate Perm Green
Corrugate Gull Grey
Corrugate Thunder Grey
Corrugate Sandstone Grey
Corrugate Grey Friars
Corrugate Mist Green
Corrugate Nightfall
Corrugate Colour swatch Desert Sand 568x355

Colour Options

Lifestyle Sheds are available in a wide range of colours, and you can choose any combination of cladding and door colour. All colours are available for cladding, and most are available for doors. Click the swatches to see which options are applicable for each. 

Colours | Windsor Grey

Windsor Grey - Available as cladding and door colour

Colours | New Denim Blue

New Denim Blue - Available as cladding and door colour

Zinc/Aluminium Finish

Zinc - Available as cladding and door colour

Colours | Ebony

Ebony - Available as cladding and door colour

Colours | Ironsand

Ironsand - Available as cladding and door colour

Colours | Lichen

Lichen - Available as cladding colour only

Colours | Karaka

Karaka - Available as cladding and door colour

Colours | Titania

Titania - Available as cladding and door colour

Colours | Perm Green

Perm Green - Available as cladding and door colour

Colours | Gull Grey

Gull Grey - Available as cladding and door colour

Colours | Thunder Grey

Thunder Grey - Available as cladding and door colour

Colours | Sandstone Grey

Sandstone Grey - Available as cladding and door colour

Colours | Grey Friars

Grey Friars - Available as cladding and door colour

Colours | Mist Green

Mist Green - Available as cladding and door colour

Colours | Nightfall

Nightfall - Available as cladding and door colour

Colours | Desert Sand

Desert Sand - Available as cladding and door colour

Doors Windows

Add Doors and Windows

Enhance your Lifestyle shed with the addition of our inward-opening pedestrian access door, measuring 810mm in width and 1920mm in height. Additionally, you have the option to incorporate fixed or opening aluminium joinery windows, measuring 970mm in width and 520mm in height. These fantastic features can be strategically placed in multiple locations throughout most Lifestyle sheds.

Please note that our PA Door option is exclusively designed for inward opening.

box flashings

Timeless Design

Our horizontal corrugate cladding and wide gauge box flashings effortlessly blend modern and classic aesthetics, creating a visually striking and enduring design. Transform any landscape with our versatile and timeless approach, ensuring a lasting impression.

Untitled 23

Hi Span Laminated Roof Beams

Hi Span Laminated Roof Beams offer unmatched strength and durability, making them the top choice for our Lifestyle Range. Their multi-layered construction provides superior resistance to warping, twisting, and splitting, while allowing for greater design flexibility.

lifestyle timber framing

Robust Timber Framing

Built to withstand New Zealand’s wild weather conditions. The full timber frame adds strength, and rigidity and allows for endless customisation or adaption to your specific needs. 

These sheds are well-suited for lining with building paper due to the framing structure, but they are not intended to be fully lined with GIB (gypsum board) or plywood.

Steel coatings layers
Steel Logos

Extra Thick Hi-Tensile Steel Cladding

When it comes to steel cladding, we aren't trying to go as thin as possible. It's just not the Duratuf way. Duratuf Lifestyle sheds have 0.4mm thick hi-tensile anti-rust steel. That's up to 60% thicker than some competitors, meaning that it's not only stronger, but your shed will stay looking better for longer!

30 Year Steel Warranty

When buying a shed, it is important to have peace of mind that it is going to stay looking good for a long time. That is why we guarantee the integrity of out steel cladding for 30 years. And, being a NZ Manufacturer, we are here for you in the unlikely event that you have a problem with your cladding. Conditions apply.



Our timber frames have been engineered to provide a rigid structural backbone.


We source sustainable from 100% renewable plantations.


It’s simple to attach accessories, benches, wall linings, insulation, wiring & shelving.


Eliminates traditional leak points on the roof and around the base


Colour coded framing system makes for easy assembly