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Full-Timber Framed Sheds

Our garden sheds are constructed using a full-timber frame to ensure they can handle the harsh NZ weather conditions. They are designed to be tough and durable, with the strength and rigidity necessary to withstand anything that comes their way.

Our Kiwi and Fortress brands are well-known for their resilience and attractive appearance. Additionally, our 3D shed builder allows for a high level of customisation to tailor your shed to your specific needs. Choose one of our garden sheds for a long-lasting and functional storage solution.

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Semi-Timber Framed Sheds

Our Semi-Timber frame garden shed design combines economy and quality, providing the strength and weatherproofing benefits of our Full-Timber range at an affordable price point.

But at a price that offers market-leading value for money, our Duratuf Semi-Timber framed sheds are available for purchase through various trusted retailers under the Garrison, Guardian, Sentry, and Smartstore brands.

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Lifestyle Sheds

The Duratuf Lifestyle Range offers a variety of stylish and secure storage solutions for different types of lifestyles in New Zealand. With models that suit high-density urban living, as well as models that cater to the storage needs of sprawling country estates.

Our Lifestyle Range offers secure storage solutions that look stylish and modern, providing ample space for bikes, tools, and other outdoor equipment. For those with larger properties, we have models that are designed to accommodate large equipment, vehicles, and tools, while seamlessly blending in with the surrounding environment, adding a touch of elegance and style to your property.

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Cedar Sheds

The unmatched natural splendor of authentic Western Red Cedar is truly unparalleled. Whether nestled among the trees or showcased as a centerpiece, Cedar Classic garden sheds make a bold statement and seamlessly complement the breathtaking scenery of our magnificent country.

Tailored to your specifications, these sheds can be personalized with a variety of door and window arrangements, and their sleek, crisp lines create a striking contrast to the rugged, knotty appearance of the cedar. And once you receive your custom-built shed, its robust modular construction makes assembly a breeze, ensuring it will endure for years to come.

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Small Sheds

Small garden sheds despite their compact size, are an excellent addition to any backyard, providing a convenient and secure space for storing gardening equipment, tools, and supplies. They are perfect for those who have limited outdoor space but still want to maintain a tidy and organised.

One of the great advantages of a small garden shed is its versatility. They come in various sizes and styles, making them perfect for storing anything from lawnmowers and hedge trimmers to potted plants and garden furniture.

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Large Sheds

If you're looking for extra space for your workshop, at home office or to store large items, our larger garden shed models could be the perfect solution. These sheds offer ample space to work on your projects, store your equipment, and protect your belongings from the elements.

One of the benefits of a large garden shed is the versatility it provides. Whether you need a place to store your lawnmower and gardening tools or want to set up a woodworking,metalworking shop, home office or even to store your hobby toys, a large shed can accommodate your needs. With the additional space, you can easily organise your tools and equipment, and have a dedicated workspace to tackle your DIY projects.

Large garden sheds are great for storing large items, such as motor bikes, kayaks, or even outdoor furniture. These sheds offer ample storage space to keep your belongings safe and secure while keeping them out of sight and free from weather damage.

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Wooden Sheds

Wooden garden sheds are a popular, versatile and rustic storage solution for your outdoor space. Perfect for storing all your outdoor items and tools, and they can also be used as a workshop or hobby room.

At Duratuf, we offer a wide range of high-quality customisable wooden garden sheds in various sizes and styles to suit your specific needs and preferences. Our sheds are made from Western Red Cedar and are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring that your belongings stay safe and protected.


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Cabin Series

If you're in need of additional space on your property without the cost and hassle of building an addition to your home, the Duratuf Lifestyle Range Cabin Series with a ranch slider might be just what you need.

These sheds are versatile and easy to set up, and they provide an ideal solution for anyone who needs more space for work, relaxation, or recreation. Solid timber framing and hi-tensile cladding providing a durable and attractive finish, making them perfect for any backyard.

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