The Tripletuf warranty scheme is here!

When you invest in one of our Duratuf sheds, you're not just getting any old shed, you're getting a Duratuf shed with a Tipletuf warranty. A shed we've poured our hearts and souls into crafting using the best materials and craftsmanship.

Our Tripletuf warranty scheme covers our Duratuf Lifestyle, Kiwi, and Fortress (Lifestyle & Full-Timber Framed) range of sheds. That's right, we've got you covered, no matter which shed you choose!



    Manufacturing Defects

Duratuf warrants that their Lifestyle and Premium Sheds will be free from manufacturing defects for 30 years. This warranty also covers components which are missing or damaged at time of despatch from the factory.


    Structural Framing

Duratuf warrants the durability of the structural framing for 30 years.


    Steel Cladding

Duratuf warrants that the metal roofing and wall cladding will not perforate due to corrosion within the following periods:

  • Standard Non-Coastal Warranty – 30 years if located greater than 2,000m from saltwater, or 15 years if located between 1,000m and 2,000m from saltwater.
  • With Coastal Upgrade Option – 30 years if located greater than 1,000m from saltwater, or 15 years if located between 500m and 1,000m from saltwater.

So, why settle for anything less?

Become part of the ever-growing community of satisfied customers who have enjoyed the unparalleled advantages and assurance provided by the Tripletuf warranty scheme. Pick up a Duratuf Lifestyle, Kiwi, or Fortress shed (Lifestyle & Full-Timber Frame shed Ranges) and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with it.


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