How to care for your Shed Kitset

Shed Kitsets contain roofing iron and timber framing. Being a natural material, timber will deteriorate if stored incorrectly. Stacked sheets of iron may be affected by moisture, e.g., from condensation becoming trapped between sheets for long periods. Following the recommendations below will help to avoid problems.

Factory packaging of shed kitsets is designed to suit transport and short-term storage only. It is strongly recommended that the kitset is assembled within four weeks of delivery.

Short Term Storage

Ideally a shed kitset should be stored indoors. Where this is not possible, observe the following recommendations to enable the kitset to be stored in its original packaging outdoors for up to four weeks:

  • Protect the kitset and its packaging from rain and moisture, while still allowing ventilation around the kitset.
  • Protect the kitset from direct sunlight and heat.
  • Do not store the kitset on bare ground or uneven surfaces. Place on closely spaced supports at least 100mm above ground level.
  • Do not stack heavy items on top of the kitset. However, kitsets in timber framed crates may be stacked so long as all weight is transferred by the crate framing only.


Longer Term Storage

If it is necessary to store a kitset outdoors for longer than four weeks, but no longer than three months, it must be prepared for longer term storage. However, some adverse effects are still possible, and Riverlea Group will not be responsible for product deterioration where kitsets are stored outdoors for longer than four weeks.

The following are general recommendations to enable the kitset to be stored outdoors for up to three months:

  • The requirements given above for Short Term Storage continue to apply.
  • Kitset transport wrapping should be removed, and small items such as hardware, should be removed and stored indoors.
  • Items stored outdoors should be supported at least 100mm above a hard impermeable surface.
  • Store timber horizontally, on closely spaced supports, allowing good ventilation around the timber while protecting from the weather.
  • Iron sheets must be dried and separated with closely spaced dry wooden slats, with good ventilation allowed around the iron while protecting it from the weather.
  • Iron sheets should be stored close to horizontal but placed at a slope of at least a 6mm rise for every metre of length, to drain any condensation to one end.

For storage longer than three months, kitsets must be stored indoors in a cool and dry environment.