Full-Timber Frame Garden Sheds

Simply New Zealand's toughest garden sheds! Built for New Zealand conditions with a full-timber frame that offers the strength and rigidity to handle anything Mother Nature can throw at them.

Branded as Kiwi and Fortress in our brochures, these are uncompromisingly tough sheds and incredibly great looking. They can also be extensively adapted, upgraded and accessorised to fit your requirements using our 3D shed builder.  


If you would like to see some colour samples, please click here. 

Build it in 3D
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The Thinking Kiwi's shed

Everglide Door

Everglide Door System

Our new Everglide Door System features a beefed up aluminium door track and ball bearing rollers. Giving you years of smooth, quiet shed access to your Kiwi shed. We reckon it's the best garden shed door on the market

Fortress Frame v3

Super Tough Timber Frame

The strongest full timber framed garden sheds in NZ? You bet! Once you have stepped into a Duratuf shed and experienced it for yourself you won't want anything else! Like a roll-cage in a race-car, the full timber frame creates incredible strength and protection against the harsh NZ elements.

Colour Swatches v2
6 Rib Nightfall v2
Zind Mixed Colour Swatch v2
Ebony Mixed Image
Ironsand Mixed Colour Swatch
Karaka Mixed Colour Swatch v2
Permanent Green Colour Swatch
Lichen Mixed Colour Swatch v2
Titania Mixed Colour Swatch
Gull Grey Mixed Colour Swatch
Sandstone Mixed Colour Swatch v2
Thunder Gey Mixed COlour Swatch
Grey Friars Mixed Colour Swatch
Mist Green Mixed Colour Swatch v2

Loads of colour options

Kiwi and Fortress full timber framed garden sheds are available in a wide range of colours, including the opportunity to mix and match the wall and trim colours. Select the colour buttons to see availability for the applicable range.

Colours | Nightfall


Zinc/Aluminium Finish


Colour | Ebony


Colour | Ironsand


Colours | Karaka


Colours | Permanent Green

Permanent Green

Colours | Lichen


Colours | Titania


Colours | Gull Grey

Gull Grey

Colours | Sandstone Grey

Sandstone Grey

Colours | Thunder Grey

Thunder Grey

Colours | Grey Friars

Grey Friars

Colours | Mist Green

Mist Green

Shed Configurator

Adaptable with our 3D Design Program

The Kiwi and Fortress full timber framed sheds are fully adaptable to suit your needs. And you can do it from the comfort of your couch! Simply log in to the Duratuf 3D deisgn program on your phone, tablet or computer and design your dream shed in 4 easy steps. Shift the door, add windows, change the colour, put in a kitchen! We're just joking about the kitchen, but you can do just about anything else!

karsten wurth inf1783 163788 unsplash
Pressbend Roof
Spouting Diagram

Outstanding Weatherproofing

Duratuf's waterproofing pedigree is legendary! The 'No Leaks' roof system is unique to Duratuf, and the timber frame means no flashings at the bottom of the wall that might trap water and cause corrosion. Click the icons to find out more

One Piece 'Press-Bent' Roof

The innovative 'Press-bent' gable roof design is a brilliant design that is, "toot-toot", unique to Duratuf Garden sheds. You see, the less joins there are, the less opportunity for leaks! Its quite simple actually, but you will only find it on a Duratuf. Remember, less joins means less leaks.

Gutter for Water Control

When the rain hits the roof, it's got to go somewhere. So, instead of our sheds being designed to trap the water on the roof (like others do), we decided to use special Duratuf gutters to let the water flow off the roof. The gutter then directs the water away from the door area.

Steel coatings layers v2
Steel Logos v2

Extra Thick Hi-Tensile Steel Cladding

When it comes to steel cladding, we aren't trying to go as thin as possible. It's just not the Duratuf way. Duratuf full timber framed garden sheds have 0.4mm thick hi-tensile anti-rust steel. That's up to 60% thicker than some competitors, meaning that it's not only stronger, but your shed will stay looking better for longer!

30 Year Steel Warranty

When buying a garden shed, it is important to have peace of mind that it is going to stay looking good for a long time. That is why we guarantee the integrity of out steel cladding for 30 years. And, being a NZ Manufacturer, we are here for you in the unlikely event that you have a problem with your cladding. Conditions apply.

Shed Lighting
Louvre Window v3
Fixed Window
Clear Roof Panel

Shed Lighting Options

Lighting and ventilation can be important if you are spending time in your garden shed. Natural light from clear roof panels or windows are the perfect option. And if all else fails, simply switch on the solar shed light! Click on the icons to see the options.

Louvre Window

Need ventilation AND light? Choose a louvre window! Comes complete with an aluminium louvre mechanism and the glass panes to fit. Unlike other shed windows, the Duratuf window kit includes extra framing for the inside to make it rigid and secure.


The Duratuf fixed window is the best way to get natural daylight into your garden shed. Place the window closest to where you will be wanting the light. The fixed window comes complete with the glass window pane and extra timber framing.

Clear Roof Panel

A Clear Roof Panel provides uninterrupted UV free daylight which is perfect for a workshop situation. For gable roof sheds, you can choose from single side or double side options depending on your requirements. Note; Clear panels may condensate more than steel roofing.

Gable roof
Lean to

Your Choice Of Gable Roof or...

Kiwi gable sheds have roof sheets that are press-bent in the middle to eliminate the centre join. This ingenious design means that the roof sheet spans from one side of the shed to the other without any joins at the gable. This gives the Kiwi shed added strength and rigidity as well as being exceptionally weatherproof.

Lean-To Roof

The sloping roof design means that water runs off to the rear. This is ideal when used against a fence so that the water run-off is away from the door area. The mono-pitch roof looks clean and modern. The Fortress range has lean-to roof as standard on all of it's models.

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