The Duratuf Video Gallery


Why Timber Framing?

In this video Justin demonstrates the benefits of Duratuf garden shed's unique timber framing system, and why it is superior to the conventional channel system used by other brands.

What is a Raised Floor Modification?

In this video Justin explains what a Raised Floor Modification (RFM) is and when you need it for your Duratuf Garden Shed. You only need to order an RFM if purchasing a Kiwi Range shed. All other ranges either have it built in, or it can be done by you during assembly.

Duratuf Steel Shed Range Comparison

In this video Justin highlights the differences between our Kiwi, Fortress and Semi Timber Frame range sheds.

Introducing the Duratuf Coastal Warranty Upgrade

Learn all about what the Coastal Warranty covers and how to select it with your next purchase.