Full-Timber Frame Garden Sheds

Kiwi Mk4 Garden Shed

The longest Duratuf garden shed available. Comes standard with double doors and features larger 70 x 45mm full timber framing. 

Kiwi Mk4 Garden Shed Model MK4 2
Kiwi Mk4 Garden Shed Model MK4 1
  • Width 4.21m
  • Depth 1.715m
  • Height 2.11m
  • Door Opening 1650mm
  • Door Type Sliding Door
  • Roof Type Gable Roof
  • Pack Length 2.145m
  • Pack Width 1.04m
  • Pack Height 0.33m
  • Pack Weight 198kg

Getting To Know The Kiwi MK4

Clear Roof Panel v2

Premium Clear Roof Panel

Duratuf Clear Roof Panels provide UV free natural daylight inside your shed. this is perfect if you are using your shed for a workshop and need light while the door may be closed. For gable shed models you can choose from either single side or both sides of the roof. Please note that clear roof panels may condensate more than a steel roof during cold weather.

Raised floor mod v2

Raised Floor Modification

The unique design of all Duratuf sheds allows them to be easily modified for use with a raised concrete pad.

This modification causes the wall cladding to overhang a concrete floor slab, which creates excellent weather-proofing, something that can't be done with non-timber framed garden sheds.

Note: When you select the raised floor modification option, the head height of the product will be lowered by 30mm. This change in dimension may be important to consider if you have specific requirements for the use of the product. This only needs to be specified when ordering a Kiwi range shed.

Kiwi Floor v2

Timber Floor Kit

Duratuf Timber floor kits create a strong, level working platform that fit inside the shed and on top of the bottom plate, not underneath like other sheds. This has a number of advantages including: It creates a level access into the shed. The cladding extends past the floor level and stops water leaking back into the shed. The extra weight inside the shed provides exeptional hold-down ability. The Custom made Duratuf Floor Kit has everything you need including thick gauge timber floor boards, ground treated H4 joists, galvanised nails and an attractive doorway flashing.


Tool Board

Organise your workspace with the Duratuf Built-in Tool Board. Different sizes are available to fit into the end wall of most sheds. They come cut to fit and complete with ply, extra framing and installation hardware.

Built in Workbench

Built-in Workbench

It’s a bloke thing - a built-in workbench that’s solid enough to mount your vice on and tough enough to take the hard knocks. Different sizes are available for most models and are custom built to fit into the end wall of the sheds.

Door Security Upgrade 2

Door Security Upgrades

Keep intruders at bay by upgrading your shed doors to keyed locking handles. These are not only more secure, but also easier to open with one hand if you are holding an armful of gear as you enter.

Bolt Down Kit

Bolt Down Kit

If your shed is to be attached to a concrete floor or base, the Bolt Down Kit allows you to securely anchor your shed without damaging either your concrete pad or the timber frame of the shed. The kit consists of hot dipped galvanised steel brackets, with Dynabolts to anchor into the concrete floor and screws to attach to the bottom frame.

Peg Down Kit

Peg Down Kit

The Duratuf peg down kit is perfect for anchoring your garden shed on ground such as grass, dirt or metal. The 6 x H5 treated pegs are driven into the ground and screwed to the bottom plate with the stainless steel screws provided. A timber floor kit can then be fitted over the top if required.

Extra Height

Extra Wall Height

If you require a little more head space in your Duratuf garden shed, simply opt for the Extra Head Height Option. This is especially useful in a workshop situation where you are spending a lot of time working in your shed.

Duratuf Alarm Accessory v3

Shed Alarm

This innovative mains free shed alarm is easily fixed inside the framing of your Duratuf shed. Features an ultra-loud 130db siren.


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