Full-Timber Frame Garden Sheds

Fortress 50 Woodshed

The Duratuf Woodshed provides a custom designed, well ventilated and dedicated area for your wood pile.

The Woodshed is designed around a full timber frame and has two rows of timber nogs to give extra support and strength to the wall cladding. The open front design features an extra roof overhang to protect your wood from the worst of the elements.

Fortress 50 Woodshed Model Woodshed 50
  • Width 1.14m
  • Depth 1.355m
  • Height 1.975m
  • Pack Length 2.20m
  • Pack Width 0.975m
  • Pack Height 0.270m
  • Pack Weight 90kg

Getting To Know The Woodshed 50

Kiwi Floor v2

Timber Floor Kit

Duratuf Timber floor kits create a strong, level working platform that fit inside the shed and on top of the bottom plate, not underneath like other sheds. This has a number of advantages including: It creates a level access into the shed. The cladding extends past the floor level and stops water leaking back into the shed. The extra weight inside the shed provides exeptional hold-down ability. The Custom made Duratuf Floor Kit has everything you need including thick gauge timber floor boards, ground treated H4 joists, galvanised nails and an attractive doorway flashing.

Bolt Down Kit

Bolt Down Kit

If your shed is to be attached to a concrete floor or base, the Bolt Down Kit allows you to securely anchor your shed without damaging either your concrete pad or the timber frame of the shed. The kit consists of hot dipped galvanised steel brackets, with Dynabolts to anchor into the concrete floor and screws to attach to the bottom frame.

Peg Down Kit

Peg Down Kit

The Duratuf peg down kit is perfect for anchoring your garden shed on ground such as grass, dirt or metal. The 6 x H5 treated pegs are driven into the ground and screwed to the bottom plate with the stainless steel screws provided. A timber floor kit can then be fitted over the top if required.


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