Introducing The SmartStore Range

The SmartStore series of garden sheds can be found and purchased from various independent retail stores throughout New Zealand.

Crafted for sturdy and reliable storage of garden supplies, outdoor gear, bicycles, and other items, the Duratuf SmartStore collection is engineered with top-notch heavy-duty steel for exceptional strength and durability.

This SmartStore range boasts a diverse selection of sizes, hues, and supplementary accessories to choose from.


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Semi Timber Fram Render

Semi Timber Frame

A garden shed without a timber frame is like a human without a backbone. So to create a shed that stands up to New Zealand's harsh environment, without being harsh on the pocket, we've used 'timber where it counts'. This design philosophy combined with streamlined manufacturing processes allows us to offer a range of garden sheds that are a step above the rest in value for money.

NZ Made

Proudly Made in New Zealand

All Duratuf semi timber frame garden sheds are manufactured by the dedicated, hardworking team here at our Hamilton factory. We take pride in every shed we build, so you can trust that you'll get a level of quality and service that is truly unmatched. Please buy New Zealand made and keep your country pumping.  

Colour Options Others 4 Rib

5 Popular Steel Colour Options

We offer 5 colours option, so it is easy to find the right colour to suit your property.

Advanced water runoff medium

Advanced Water Run Off

Surely everybody wants a weatherproof garden shed? It’s important then, that water flows away from your shed to ensure your valuable gear is kept dry. The unique design of our sheds ensures that water is not trapped on or around them. 

Duratuf timber frame sheds feature a unique construction method where the cladding is nailed to the top and bottom plates. This method ensures that water runs away from the shed easily as there are no channels to trap leaves, dirt and water that will leak, or sit and corrode the cladding. (Fig. 1)

Conventional shed designs require a channel at the top and bottom of the shed to hold the cladding together. (Fig. 2)

Treated Timber top bottom medium

Treated Timber Top & Bottom Plates

Duratuf Semi Timber Frame garden sheds incorporate a treated 45 x 45mm timber plate top and bottom that locks together at the corners.

As well as providing superior strength, it creates an excellent platform to enable you to shelve out your garden shed, hang up your valuable gear and maximise your storage capacity.

Antirust steel cladding

0.3mm Hi-Tensile Cladding

Duratuf Semi Timber Frame garden sheds feature a hi-tensile, deep ribbed 0.30 gauge steel cladding. Roll-formed in our factory in Hamilton, New Zealand, it is available in a classic non-rust Zinc/Aluminium finish, or your choice of four popular colour options.

For your further peace of mind our Semi Timber Framed sheds are backed up by a full 20 Year Warranty on all steel cladding. (Conditions apply)

Easy assembly

4 Step Assembly System

An easy 4 step assembly system process of putting together a Duratuf Semi-Timber Framed Garden Shed. This type of assembly system saves time, reduce frustration, and ensure that the product is assembled correctly and functioning as intended.

roof strength

Big On Roof Strength

With bigger garden sheds, it’s especially important that they have a strong framing system to support the larger walls and the bigger roof span.

Duratuf's gable roofed sheds not only have the timber wall frames for strength, but also a strong timber ridge beam structure to support the bigger span. Don’t settle for anything less!

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