Cedar Garden Sheds

Woodridge Garden Shed - New

A longer version of the popular Hampshire. The Woodridge shed provides excellent usable storage space against the house.

  • Width 2.4m
  • Depth 1.2m
  • Height 2.26m
  • Door Opening 840mm
  • Shingle Roof Size 2.550 x 1.330m
  • Colour Roof Size 2.590 x 1.330m
  • Roof Type Skillion Roof
  • Concrete Slab 2.385 - 1.175m
  • Pack Length 2.550m
  • Pack Width (Steel Roof) 1.380m
  • Pack Height (Steel Roof) 0.460m
  • Pack Width (Shingle Roof) 1.440m
  • Pack Height (Shingle Roof) 0.570m

What makes our sheds so unique

Cedar Double Door Option

Cedar Double Door Option

Double door option is available on models over 2.4 metres in width/length.

Cedar Roof Options

Cedar Shed Roof Options

The Cedar Shed range is unique for its ability to adapt to 2 different roof styles. Choose your roof from the rustic looking popular Cedar shingles, or enjoy the contemporary looking colour roof option.

Cedar Floor Option

Cedar Floor Options

The optional timber floor kit is a great solution for the base of your Cedar Shed. Timber floors are both economical, easy to build and mean your shed will be easily relocatable.

Shelf Unit

Timber Fitted Shelf Units

Sturdy plywood shelf units that fit into the framing of the shed. With a width of 300mm deep, they are available in lengths of 1200mm, 1800mm and 2400mm.

Plywood Workbench

Plywood Workbench

Sturdy fitted workbench that attaches to the timber framing in your cedar shed. This workbench is 600mm deep and 1800mm long.

Shingle Protector v2

Endurance Wall Protector

Prolongs the great look of your cedar cladding and stops the natural 'greying off' process of the timber

Shingle Protector

Endurance Shingle Protector

Prolongs the great look of your cedar shed and stops the natural 'greying off' process of the timber. Developed especially to suit the cedar shingle roof.

Bolt Down Kit

Bolt Down Kit

If your shed is to be attached to a concrete floor or base, the Bolt Down Kit allows you to securely anchor your shed without damaging either your concrete pad or the timber frame of the shed. The kit consists of hot dipped galvanised steel brackets, with Dynabolts to anchor into the concrete floor and screws to attach to the bottom frame.

Peg Down Kit

Peg Down Kit

The Duratuf peg down kit is perfect for anchoring your garden shed on ground such as grass, dirt or metal. The 6 x H5 treated pegs are driven into the ground and screwed to the bottom plate with the stainless steel screws provided. A timber floor kit can then be fitted over the top if required.

Solar shed Light

Solar Shed Light

If you aren't running mains power to your shed our solar shed light with its super bright LED technology provides light even after dark. Comes with a 1 year warranty.

Duratuf Alarm Accessory v3

Shed Alarm

This innovative mains free shed alarm is easily fixed inside the framing of your Duratuf shed. Features an ultra-loud 130db siren.


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