Introducing The Kiwi Range

Simply New Zealand's toughest garden sheds! Built for New Zealand conditions with a full-timber frame that offers the strength and rigidity to handle anything Mother Nature can throw at them.


These sheds are uncompromisingly tough and incredibly great looking. They can also be extensively adapted, upgraded and accessorised to fit your requirements using our 3D shed builder.  


Build it in 3D
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The Thinking Kiwi's shed

Steel coatings layers v2
Steel Logos v2

Extra Thick Hi-Tensile Steel Cladding

When it comes to steel cladding, we aren't trying to go as thin as possible. It's just not the Duratuf way. Duratuf full timber framed garden sheds have 0.4mm thick hi-tensile anti-rust steel. That's up to 60% thicker than some competitors, meaning that it's not only stronger, but your shed will stay looking better for longer!

30 Year Steel Warranty

When buying a garden shed, it is important to have peace of mind that it is going to stay looking good for a long time. That is why we guarantee the integrity of out steel cladding for 30 years. And, being a NZ Manufacturer, we are here for you in the unlikely event that you have a problem with your cladding. Conditions apply.

Full Timber Frame


A machine finished timber frame forms the backbone of our sheds. The timber gives added rigidity and strength and is interlocked at the corners to form an extremely robust structure.

Traditionally sheds have relied on nuts, bolts and screws to hold them together. Duratuf Kiwi sheds however are constructed with the cladding fixed securely to the frame using galvanised nails - just like a garage. This braces the structure and gives the added strength needed to last that extra distance.

Advanced water runoff medium


Surely everybody wants a weatherproof shed? It’s important then, that water flows away from your shed to ensure your valuable gear is kept dry. The unique design of our sheds ensures that water is not trapped on or around them. 

Duratuf timber frame sheds feature a unique construction method where the cladding is nailed to the top and bottom plates. This method ensures that water runs away from the shed easily as there are no channels to trap leaves, dirt and water that will leak, or sit and corrode the cladding. (Fig. 1)

Conventional shed designs require a channel at the top and bottom of the shed to hold the cladding together.   (Fig. 2)

Kiwi kitsets can be modified to allow the wall cladding to extend past the base of the shed when placing on a raised concrete floor. This completely eliminates the possibility of water running back into the base of your shed.

It is necessary to order the Raised Base Modification for the Kiwi range at the time of ordering the shed. 

Duratuf Kiwi Garden Shed Two tone colours New v2
Kiwi single colour options m

Two Tone Colour Options

Kiwi full timber framed garden sheds are available in a wide range of colours giving you the opportunity to mix and match the wall and trim colours.

Single Colour options

Kiwi full timber framed garden sheds are available in a wide range of colours, including these single colour options.


Kiwi NZ Made m

Superior NZ Made Quality

When you invest in a Duratuf garden shed, you are investing in a New Zealand made quality product that you can rely on.

Manufactured on home turf means that the product is suited to New Zealand conditions. Further to that, only the best materials are used, from NZ grown timber through to premium hi-tensile steel and quality fastenings.

Keeping Kiwis in jobs plays an important role in our community and gives the added assurance of controlled quality
during manufacture, coupled with a locally backed warranty - we’ll be here if you need us!

Everglide door m

Everglide Door

This is no poxy little upgrade, it's a complete overhaul! Featuring a beefed up aluminium door track and ball bearing rollers, it'll give you years of smooth, quiet shed access to your Kiwi shed. We reckon it's the best shed door on the market. 

Spouting m


All Duratuf Kiwi sheds have a spouting front and back (Fig. 3), which is less prone to blockages and overflows. The spouting allows the water to run freely off the roof and then directs the water effectively away from the
door area.

Conventional panel type sheds however, have a channel on the edge of the roof that over time can easily become blocked with leaves and dirt (Fig. 4). If water becomes trapped it can cause leaks and corrosion.

Safety corners m

Safety Edge

We have the corner joins covered as well!

Instead of the conventional overlapped corners (Fig. 6), Kiwi shed corner joins (Fig. 5) are completely covered by a modern looking flashing making them extremely weather-tight and child safe.

concrete floor

Building a Raised Concrete Base

Step 1 - Establish size of shed and excavate sufficient area. Remember to allow for rear roof overhang of 80mm and 30mm for end walls.

Step 2 - Ensure that the base substrate is compacted firmly. We suggest that the slab should be 80mm thick in the middle and 100mm thick around the edges (Fig 2).

Step 3 - Lay boxing to the required size. The raised slab size should be 15mm smaller than the overall base size of the shed and at least 30mm above the ground line. See Fig. 1 

Step 4 - Lay plastic sheeting if required. Plastic sheeting under slab will prevent moisture coming through from underneath.

Step 5 - Pour concrete and screed flush.

Build it in 3D