Do You Know Which Garden Shed is Right for You?

From steel garden sheds to wooden sheds, many choices exist today for personal outdoor storage. A new garden shed is a great option if your garage is filling with clutter, your arsenal of outdoor equipment is expanding, or if your old shed just needs to be replaced. But which garden shed is right for you? Read on to learn which garden shed will be the best fit for your home.

The pros and cons of wooden sheds

Of the different types of garden sheds, wooden sheds are probably the most attractive, and due to their composition look more at home among the soil and flora. Wooden sheds are durable and relatively light-weight. They are particularly useful in humid climates because they are not susceptible to condensation. Because wood is easily cut and fastened, wooden sheds are the easiest to customise, allowing you to tailor your shed to the dimensions of your garden.

Wooden sheds require some sustained maintenance, however. They must be treated regularly with weather sealant to avoid succumbing to the elements and can require quite a bit of labour to assemble. Particularly wet areas, such as in heavily watered gardens, can damage wood and weaken the structure.

The pros and cons of metal garden sheds

Metal garden sheds are about as durable as they come. Resilient against the elements, fire, security threats, and they can also resist the spread of moulds and mosses. Metal garden sheds are more cost-effective than wooden garden sheds, and often come prefabricated, making them relatively easy to assemble.

Structurally, metal garden sheds can withstand more than their competitors, but what damage they do take will show. Aluminium sheeting will show dents if damaged, which can be difficult to remove, so don’t plan on placing your shed in an area where you might be mowing near loose rocks or gravel, which might get picked up and fired at the shed’s walls. Even though steel garden sheds are very low-maintenance, they should be washed down periodically to remove dirt and grime.

The pros and cons of plastic garden shed

Plastic or vinyl garden sheds are quickly gaining popularity for their durability. Unlike wood, plastic won’t rot, and unlike metal, plastic won’t rust. It will hold up against rain, insects, and moss. The versatility of plastics means that many shed manufacturers can offer a wide variety of stylish shed designs that can be ordered prefab, and assembled with ease.

Plastic won’t wear out the way wood or metal does, but its light weight means that plastic sheds aren’t as structurally sound, and plastic garden sheds are more vulnerable to high winds and falling branches.

Which garden shed is right for you?

Your garden reflects your personality. Your garden shed should do the same. For more information about the benefits of the perfect garden shed, contact a shed specialist at Duratuf today.