What Are the Options for a Custom Garden Shed

What Are the Options for a Custom Garden Shed?

Looking for custom sheds nz-wide? The perfect garden shed should be more than just a place for lawn mowers and other gardening tools - sheds have become an important extension of the house, and need to reflect the feel of your property as a whole.

There are numerous types of garden sheds suited for different people - while homeowners or amateur gardeners would need nothing more than a basic garden shed, seasoned gardeners require larger ones that can accommodate the varied collection of tools necessary to their work. This means that custom sheds are the ideal option for both homeowners and gardeners alike, as they allow them to choose the size, shape, and colour they need.

Some features to consider

If you’re someone looking to buy a custom shed, choosing from the many variables and options can be an intimidating experience. Narrowing down your selection to these fundamental specifics can help you gain a clearer idea on the type of garden shed you need.

1. Size and Space

The size of the garden shed is an important thing to consider, as it decides the amount of storage you’re going to have, as well as the space it’ll take away from your garden. It wouldn’t make much sense to be going for a large shed if you have only a small garden. Choose a size that will enable you to keep sufficient space, but will yield a comfortable layout on the interior.

2. Finish

There are many different materials that you could explore for your custom shed - steel, cedar, plastic, etc. These each have their own pros and cons, which you can read about on our blog.

3. Doors

There are also numerous door options to choose from, and you need to approach them with an open mind toward balancing looks with practicality. Remember to consider the size of you gear when choosing between single doors or double doors.

4. Accessories

Many of the available accessories for garden sheds will alter how the space works, for instance, tool boards and workbenches allow you to optimise your workspace storage, allowing you to potentially fit more into a smaller shed than you would have expected.

5. Budget

Finally, knowing the amount of money you are willing to spend is important. With this in mind, be sure that you’re choosing to buy quality over a short-term solution that isn’t going to hold up to the elements. Consider it an investment in your home.

Want your own custom shed?

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