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7 Unique Garden Shed Designs That Blew Us Away

Some people just want a garden shed that provides enough storage and stands up through a storm. For others, their shed is their castle and their canvas all at once. We simply couldn’t believe these seven garden sheds, which all show creativity and utility. 

Life in a glasshouse

As far as a design that seamlessly blends in with the landscape goes, this timber and glass shed provides storage like a regular shed, but is also a functioning glasshouse for the winter months. It simply radiates life with all those plants and fragrant flowers. The exterior is given a human touch with rustic looking white timber struts, and you have to love the adorable planter boxes on the front.

Full of heart and soul

In a world increasingly full of kitset-this and flatpack-that, it’s nice to see someone devote their whole heart and soul to the pursuit of a project. That’s why we love this rustic potting shed which wears its heart on its sleeve. Set back amongst the trees and with an accompanying vegetable garden, it feels more like a little home than a shed. Every square inch is filled with some personal touch, and comes complete with a library and even a little fairy garden.

School’s in session

“Teachers plant the seed of knowledge that grows forever” reads a piece of paper on a tapestry inside this schoolhouse-themed garden shed, and we’re sure the owner - a retired schoolteacher - would agree. She’s gone all out to recreate the classrooms of her early years, with nostalgia-inducing scholastic features in every corner. Plus, it’s all handmade from materials and objects found locally at garage and second-hand sales, as the red Dutch door from a local antique store. School is in session.

Room for everything

For a small garden shed, this unique design sure uses the available space to its fullest capability. It’s got room for everything, including storage, a potting area, plant growing space, and a loft for - hey, more storage. This shed doesn’t fall short on the style category either, featuring a cool Dutch door and a large window occupying one whole side of the house and roof gable.


Which door’s which?

If you have three old doors, a bit of corrugated iron and some salvaged scaffold boards, you have what you need to make this beautiful upcycled potting shed. We just love how this kind of stuff which would often get thrown out is repurposed into a beautiful, rustic looking shed that can go anywhere. Even better, there’s a full how-to guide showing how to make your own.


Look out for toads and princesses

You’ll feel like you’re a character in an old fairy tale in this whimsical shed near the Santa Cruz mountains in California. Along with the main house, it was constructed with salvaged timber from an old military base nearby. A creative garden shed like this makes the whole forest around you feel magical, like some enchantment is waiting just under the next old tree stump.


The world’s most modern yurt

The Hapus Yurt from Jack Fetherstonhaugh is fully enclosed in a Mongolian-style yurt, but is also spacious on the inside - sleeping five - and has all the comforts of home, like power and Wi-Fi. It’s built next to an old barn and the two are connected by a “rabbit hole” - it’s a kid’s fantasy realised by a creative and kid-at-heart adult. Nestled in the hills of Northern Wales, Fetherstonhaugh’s soul hideaway has been nominated for Britain’s “Shed of the Year” competition before - and it’s easy to see why.


Feeling inspired to put a shed in your garden yet?


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