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How to speed up the 3D Shed Builder

The 3D Shed Builder has been built to run smoothly on most devices, but if it's taking a long time to load or the movement is staggered there are few things you can do to help improve performance:

  • Make sure your browser and operating system are updated to the latest version
  • Close any unused tabs when using the 3D Shed Builder
  • Turn on hardware acceleration (Google Chrome)
  • Clear out your Cookies and Cache
  • Turn off or stop unwanted processes
  • Remove unused Extensions (Google Chrome)
  • Reboot your router
  • Use a wired connection to your router

We're shed builders, not IT specialists, so we won't begin to try explain how to do these steps. However a simple Internet search "How to speed up Google Chrome/Microsoft Edge/Mozilla Firefox etc" or "How to improve your internet connection" will provide you with plenty of how-to articles and videos that give you detailed instructions. 

Here's a list of links we found useful:

Speed up Internet Connection

Speed up Google Chrome

Speed up Windows 10

Speed up Microsoft Edge

Speed up Mozilla Firefox


We hope this helps. If not please feel free to call us on 0800 438 274 or email

Good luck!