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Introducing the Duratuf Coastal Warranty Upgrade

New Zealand's coastlines are a national treasure, offering breathtaking beauty and a relaxed lifestyle. But for those living near the sea, protecting your property from the harsh elements is crucial. This is especially true for your shed, a valuable storage space that often houses cherished belongings and equipment. 


Understanding the Coastal Challenge 

Life by the Ocean comes with a unique set of challenges for buildings. Salt spray, strong winds, and high humidity can wreak havoc on traditional materials. These elements accelerate wear and tear, leading to corrosion, structural issues, and a significantly shorter lifespan for your shed. 


Introducing the Duratuf® Coastal Upgrade: Your Shield Against the Sea 

We understand the importance of protecting your coastal investments. That's why we developed the Duratuf® Coastal Upgrade. 

This upgrade is like a suit of armour for your shed. We use cladding with an extra layer of Zinc-aluminium alloy, significantly boosting its resistance to the corrosive effects of the seaside atmosphere. 

Here's the best part: the Duratuf® Coastal Upgrade comes with an adjustable warranty that adapts to your specific location.  Whether your shed is a few steps from the beach or nestled within two kilometres of the shoreline, we offer:

  • 250m to 1km – 15 year warranty 
  • 1km onwards – 30 year warranty

Ensuring unwavering protection against coastal corrosion. To find out if you require a warranty upgrade, head over to our coastal upgrade page.


Simple and Secure: Upgrading Your Shed for Peace of Mind 

Adding the Coastal Upgrade to your shed is a breeze.  During the purchase process, simply select the upgrade with a single click. That's it! Once your shed arrives, register your warranty online. The registration process factors in your address, ensuring your warranty reflects the protection needed for your coastal location. 


More Than Just an Upgrade, It's an Investment 

Choosing the Duratuf® Coastal Upgrade is an investment in peace of mind.  It not only safeguards your shed's structure but also protects the valuable contents within.  Whether it's your prized gardening tools, essential outdoor equipment, or cherished keepsakes, they deserve the same level of protection you enjoy living by the coast.

Don't let the harsh coastal environment dictate the lifespan of your outdoor haven. So head over to our 3D shed builder and design your dream shed.