Rustics Utah
Our adorable Utah shed sports a gable roof design, which gives you great head height for a compact shed.
This design is a great choice for storing lawn mowers, tools, rakes, shovels, toys and more.

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Auckland Rustics Utah

Western Red Cedar - Why you'll love it

As one of the worlds most durable timbers, Cedar lasts for decades and even centuries in the harshest of environments. Light in weight, uniformly textured, straight-grained and containing no resin, Western Red Cedar is easy to work with, making it the ultimate choice in timber shed construction.

It’s Beautiful— No man-made material can duplicate the depth of Western Red Cedar’s natural luster. Western Red Cedar’s rich grain and vibrant colour make it the best material for all applications where beauty is important. Of all woods, Cedar ranks at the top in it’s ability to accept and maintain an attractive finish.

It’s Strong — Western Red Cedar has excellent dimensional stability and endurance. This is an important characteristic in the cladding of our sheds. It lays flat and stays straight. The even grain and relatively consistent density make Western Red Cedar less likely to swell, warp, cup and twist than other more readily available timbers.

Long-Lasting — Cedar fibres contain natural oils called thujaplicins that act as natural preservatives, making the wood extremely long-lasting and assisting the wood to resist insect attack and decay. Properly finished and maintained, Western Red Cedar ages gracefully and endures for many years. Many use our specially formulated Endurance Cedar Protectant to enhance the natural fibres and bring out the rich colours that lie within while extending the life of your new shed.

Non-Toxic — Western Red Cedar is non-toxic and requires no chemical treatment when used on the cladding of our Cedar sheds. Because it is rich in extractives that enhance durability, Cedar does not require harmful chemical treatments and is free of the pitch and resin found in other timbers, along with other additives such as arsenic. A safe option in your backyard!

Smells Great — Western Red Cedar is well known for its distinctive aroma. Over the course of time the wood retains its subtle aroma and the characteristic fragrance adds another dimension to the overall appeal of the Cedar storage sheds. This is one of little things that will impress you every time you are in or around your Cedar Shed.
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