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Video - What is a Raised Floor Modification?

In this video Justin explains what a Raised Floor Modification (RFM) is and when you need it for your Duratuf Garden Shed. You only need to order an RFM if purchasing a Kiwi Range shed. All other...

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How to video - Kiwi Assembly

In this video Keith will show you how to build a Duratuf Kiwi shed like a professional. To be used in conjunction with the instruction manual, Keith’s practical tips and tricks will make your...

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Doors - Where, how many, and what type?

It’s one thing all garden sheds have in common, because if you don’t have one you can’t get in. But you still need to give it some thought, as the right door configuration can really unlock (cringe...

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Video - TUFness Test - Football

If you play a bit of backyard football it's fair to say your shed is going to take a few hits over the years. So we took Sheldon the test shed down to the Ngaruawahia Football Club and got the Old...

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Video - TUFness Test - Weatherproofing

We know Duratuf sheds are the most weatherproof around, but just to be sure we visited Snowplanet and used one of their snow cannons to blast Sheldon our test shed with 120kph+ winds and gallons upon...

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